With an outdated, non-responsive website and declining patient referrals, a problem caused by unorganized content and impersonal contact methods, Summit Estate Recovery Center needed a good, clean overhaul. This included a clearly defined target user, an organized information architecture and a voice that was easy to understand and friendly.

About the Project

Through my investigation of the competitive market, a common part of Summit’s experience design was striking a balance on the emotional triggers and the ease of access to all of the recovery programs.

To solve the emotional triggers we knew having rich photography was one part of driving an empathic understanding, along with using language that was knowledgable and friendly.

Summit Estate Wireframes

Accessible information on treatment programs and insurance coverage were also important to completing the users journey. We mapped out all the possible entry points, from direct organic users, to landing page strategies and affiliated professionals.

Once the information architecture was mapped out, the content writing started, and so did the visual design.

Summit Estate Recovery Center visual design