Marqui CMS was amidst a sea of smart, premium content management systems. With a new engine under the hood, Marqui wanted to refresh the brand, which entailed a new identity, new voice and a new interface.

The challenge was distilling the key differentiating parts of Marqui’s complex and robust CMS into a simpler form. With so many amazing clients, we had a great pool of feedback and insight to draw on.

The user experience design started out with a defined list of persona’s, each with a high-level user journey to map out each path into and out of Marqui. Once we knew what the key drivers for each user was going to be, we had a good idea of what the key features of the website were going to be and where.

The identity itself went through several iterations, with the idea of exploring abstract notions of technology, and smart, complex systems to manage online content, and the connections they make with real people.

Early Designs

Marqui CMS early identity design iterations


Final Design


Marqui CMS Identity Design

Information Architecture & Wireframing

Website Visual Design

Marqui CMS Tool Design (Prototypes)

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