Why do I love making things?

For me it’s all about solving design problems, getting deep into why people make certain decisions,  crafting digital interfaces and experiences that make users and organizations happy, healthy and successful.

Everyone has their own journey, and in the last 15 years my experience as a film technician, graphic designer, front-end developer, art director and interaction designer, including all the valuable colleagues and mentors I’ve had along the way, have all contributed beautifully to my own personal, and professional growth.

When I’m not thinking about how to make the world a better place: I’m usually playing barbies or learning how to french braid one of my daughters hair. Or I’m juggling pots and knives in my kitchen sanctuary. Or just sipping some wine with my beautiful partner and mother of my children.

If want to contact me for work,  or just have a question or inquiry please shoot me a message via the form below. Thanks.

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